Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bold Statements from A Life Worth Living

A life worth living.
All life is precious.
We are all created equal.
My life is worth living.
I am unique.
I am beautiful.
I am happy.
I am not suffering.
I am not a mistake.
I am part of the Creator’s grand plan.
I am God’s will.
Disabilities are natural.
People with Disabilities are not broken and they don’t need to be fixed.
I have 47 chromosomes but it is not a genetic weakness.
I may be slow at some things but I am not stupid.
Don’t measure my worth by my IQ.
Look for my ability not my disability.
My therapist says I am doing well because I AM!
I will walk and talk and blow your socks off.
I might be a grocery bagger. Is that OK with you?
I am stubborn . I get that trait from my mom and dad.
I will not spit or bite.
I’m huggable and kissable.
The truth is I am lovable.
My love is unconditional. Is yours?
I am special and it has nothing to do with having Down Syndrome.
You say I look “normal”. I AM NORMAL!
Don’t try to measure my worth. I’m priceless.

“Just when you think you have learned what you need to know in life someone truly special comes into it and shows just how much more there is.”

From: A Life Worth Living on YouTube. My dream is for the world to see that all children are blessings, even children with Down syndrome. Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic anomalies in the world. It is time that the public is made more aware of this. I want the world to understand that every child, whether they have a disability or not, deserves equal opportunities to grow and develop. Children with Down syndrome are more similar than different when compared with other children. I want to change the world one person at a time so that everyone can see that people with Down syndrome have a life worth living.

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