Sunday, September 9, 2007

Emily's hearing aids

Emily got red hearing aids! Watch her as she receives her hearing aids for the first time and how it enhances her hearing experience. Go Emily!

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Auntie M. said...

Hi, I'm one of the audiologists at the clinic where Emily got her hearing aids (not the audiologists in the video). We only found out about the Youtube clip yesterday when the hearing aid manufacturer emailed us to tell us were were "famous". Well, Emily and her parents are the real stars. Wasn't it cool the way her dad recorded this moment and included it on Youtube along with other precious childhood moments like feeding the ducks and ballet dancing? Wasn't it wonderful how confident her parents were about the hearing aids? Wasn't it great when her dad told Emily that the hearing aids were pretty? Hearing aids don't have to be a stigma (although I agree that society usually has stigmatized them). I hope that you've tried hearing aids in some fabulous new color (or check out the two-tone Audeos or Deltas). Maybe it could be a little like the difference (for a woman) between wearing beige flats and red high heels. Take care.